Hossein – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

 Emergency Response
 13th Oct 2017

Interviewed by Kathleen Prior on 29 September 2017. Approved by Bangladesh Country Director, Zia Choudhury on 6 October 2017.

Hossein is seven years old. He is from Myanmar. He now lives in Balukhali camp in Bangladesh with his mother and siblings. They share a shelter with another single mother family, with a small partition separating the two families. His father was arrested in January on suspicion of espionage and terrorism, but the family claim he was innocent. He collected cooked meals from a CARE distribution for his family.

Hossein’s story in his own words:

“My father was arrested in Myanmar, many months ago. So I am the man of the house now. Even though my brother is bigger, I am the oldest so I take on the duties.

I like to go and get the food for us, I want my mother and brothers and sisters to be happy and healthy. I like the rice. But I make sure the baby eats first.

Hossein, 10-years-old, picks up food for his family / Photo: Kathleen Prior, CARE

I have been here for 26 days now. We live close to other women and their families, so we feel safe. At night it is very noisy, but I try not to get scared.

Of all the things I miss from Myanmar, I miss my dad the most.”

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