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Born out of Water

 1st Sep 2017    Bangladesh

In the middle of the Bangladesh floods, Shahanaj is in labour and there is no one around to help her.

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The Love that Binds: Orphans Not One, But Two

 1st Sep 2017    Sierra Leone

The story of Fatmata Jawara and her niece, who lost everything but each other in the Sierra Leone floods

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Addressing Shelter Needs in Lebanon

 29th Aug 2017    Lebanon

Mary and Seranoush give accounts of life in one of the most densely populated districts in the Middle East.

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Deployment Diary 1: Trouble in Paradise

 28th Aug 2017    Democratic Republic of Congo

Travel through the DRC's Kasai region with Aaron, who gives you a front seat view of realities on the ground

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Aminata Kalokoh: A Story of Survival, Uncertainty and Hope

 24th Aug 2017    Sierra Leone

Compelling story of a young woman who survived the devastating mudslide in Sierra Leone

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Film School Comes to Azraq

 17th Aug 2017    Jordan

What do experienced film makers, Azraq and 18 year old screen writers have in common? Find out here

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A Day in the Life of a "Disaster Risk Reduction" specialist

 15th Aug 2017    Philippines

Deeji Baclig shares how she leads CARE’s work in rural Filipino communities

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A Day in the Life of a "Gender in Emergencies" specialist

 14th Aug 2017    Niger

Fatouma Zara describes a typical day working in the midst of crisis around Lake Chad

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Humanitarian aid in retrospect

 14th Aug 2017    Chad

Philippe Guiton recalls his days as an aid worker in Chad in the 80s

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How Uganda sees refugees as a benefit, not a burden

 8th Aug 2017    Uganda

“I have benefited from so many new people arriving here... and I earn more than I used to. "

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